Friday, October 24, 2008

The Real Facts On Laser Hair Removal For Pubic Hair

The laser pubic hair removal process is almost the same for men and women; it consists on beaming the pubic area with a high energy laser beam for a very short time. This energy is absorbed by the dark pigment present in the hair follicles, disabling their ability to grow and suppressing them from becoming thicker. The laser beams attack pigments, so the lighter the skin, the less damaged it receives. However, the damage received in the skin is not permanent, even if the treated area is large. Removing pubic hair by laser doesn't normally cause pain, but just a little irritation. If you have very sensitive skin in your pubic area, you should consider using a mild topical anesthetic to reduce the irritation, but it is most likely not required. Types of Laser Pubic Hair Removal There are several types of laser hair removal services available. For instance, many people decide to remove all of their pubic hair, while others decide to leave a small portion of hair, therefore performing a partial pubic hair removal. Whether it is a complete removal or a partial one, the mechanism of functioning is the same. There are many types of lasers used to remove hair like Ruby laser, Alexandrite laser, Pulsed diode array, Aragon laser and Nd:YAG. Argon and Ruby lasers are not being used anymore because their wavelength is unsafe for the skin. Of all the lasers mentioned, the most effective one is the Alexandrite laser, but it is ineffective unless you have very light skin. The pulsed diode array laser is used for medium-colored skin while Nd:YAG is used for darker skin.

Cost and Number of Sessions Required for Laser Pubic Hair Removal Laser hair removal professionals typically charge from $200 to $600 per session, although there are several factors that will influence the exact prices. The number of sessions necessary to permanently halt hair growth is highly dependant on the skin color/hair color combination of the patient, being each session much more effective if the person has a very light skin and black or very dark brown hair. The closer to this combination, the lesser number of sessions it will take. It takes about 4 sessions at a cost of around $2000 to complete the whole process. Side Effects of Laser Pubic Hair Removal The treated skin area may become red and sore after each laser session. It feels like a slight sunburn and usually lasts for a few days. You may apply some topical cream to reduce soreness. You must also avoid prolonged sun exposure for 6 weeks after your treatment to prevent further damage to the treated skin area. The Problem with Permanent Pubic Hair Removal... The main benefit of laser hair removal can be a disadvantage depending on which angle you look at it. You will not be able to style your pubic hair again as you will no longer have hair in your pubic area. Some people choose to keep only a small strip of pubic hair by opting to remove pubic hair only on the bikini zone and areas that will be exposed outside their skimpiest bikini or knickers. If you can live with the high cost and the slight inconvenience, you will never have to wax or shave again! You will be able to say goodbye to pubic ingrown hairs, razor bumps and pubic pimples. However, please be 100% certain that this is what you want to do for there is no turning back once you permanently remove your pubic hair with laser. By Nat Williams

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Removing Pubic Hair Methods

Shaving is the most common removing pubic hair method. However, it is not the only one. After you have decided you want to remove your pubic hair, you will have to examine the different methods for removing pubic hair and decide which one is the best for you. The following lines include a brief glance of the existing pubic hair removal methods: 1. Shaving – razor shaving is the most popular removing pubic hair method. One should shave his pubic hair area carefully and gently using a proper razor and shaving cream. Make sure you wash and clean your pubic hair area before and after the shave. 2. Hair removal creams – those can cause lots of pain and allergic reactions. However, they are very effective in removing pubic hair. We suggest you test in on a harmless spot like your back or the inside of your elbow to check for possible allergic reactions. If your skin gets red or itchy for a long period of time (more than 3 hours) do use it. Again, wash you pubic hair area carefully after using this removing pubic hair method.

3. Waxing – We strongly suggest avoiding using wax for removing pubic hair. Most of the women can not stand the pain and the outcome is as good as the other removing pubic hair methods. 4. Electrolysis – A permanent pubic hair removing methods using electric shocks. It can be done in a hair salon or at home after purchasing a personal device. This method is very expensive (It may cost more than a thousand dollars). It also painful in most cases but this method provides a permanent pubic hair removal. 5. Pulling – We got to know in our research quite a few women who prefer pull their pubic hair out. It takes time, Its painful but it involves a satisfaction. Now you can make the proper decision on the best removing pubic hair method for you. Good luck. By Paton Jackson

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to Remove Pubic Hair Permanently

Pubic hair removal can be permanent with the help of laser treatments. Could this be for you? Laser pubic hair removal Some women find that temporary pubic hair removal locks them into a never-ending cycle of ingrown hairs and itching and they decide to go for permanent hair removal instead. Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal that has greatly improved since it first received FDA approval in 1998. How to remove pubic hair with a laser Put simply, a pulsating beam of light is passed directly through the skin. Hair follicles, which are usually darker than the surrounding skin, absorb most of the beam and eventually die. To permanently remove pubic hair from the bikini line usually takes around four sessions. Is it for me? Laser hair treatments work best on dark hair combined with light skin. Basically, darker areas absorb more of the laser beam than lighter areas. If skin and hair follicles are the same color or the skin is dark, the skin will absorb too much light, which could cause skin damage. Darker skin can be treated but it's more difficult it takes longer. As far as hair color goes, coarse dark hair is best and blond and red hair are worse. It should be remembered that results can be difficult to predict and they may be disappointing.

The cost and inconvenience of using laser treatment to remove pubic hair should also be considered. It can be expensive and there are many pre-treatment and post-treatment restrictions. For example, exposure to sun without a sun block should be avoided for six weeks after laser hair removal and waxing and shaving for two weeks. After treatment skin will feel burned for two to three hours and small blisters may appear. On the other hand, if the treatment is successful, hair will never re-grow, and your days of waxing and shaving, razor-burn and ingrown hairs will be over. By Oliver Turner

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